The Multilingual Blogging Software Dilemma (and ways to solve it)

The slides from my session at WordCamp Paris can be found at SpeakerDeck. Or download the PDF (3MB).

The Multilingual Press plugin:
Pro version:

On a side note: If you’re like me and you’re not familiar with the french language, just pasting the “P” word into Google Translate might leave you somewhat puzzled. However, this is a perfect example of how multilingual content in general needs to be curated with extra care regarding cultural aspects. While “p…” certainly is a slang word, I’ve been reassured it does not at all have the strong connotation it would have in English or German, and that it is very commonly used as an expression of hearty amplification.

Update: Holy cow, thanks to Jenny Beaumont (bisou!) this presentation has been featured on WP Tavern!

Speaking at WordCamp Paris 2014

WordCamp Paris 2014

Saturday this week I’m honored to speak at WordCamp Paris. I’m a bit nervous as I hardly speak any French and understand very little. Although the event itself is open to attendees and speakers speaking other languages than French, I’m keen to at least reanimate the remainders of my school vocabulary to help me get around Paris for three days.