Filterable text strings in WordPress

It is quite a common support case that WordPress users need to change a specific text string in a plugin or theme. Whilst customizing translated text hopefully will become a lot easier with language packs from WordPress 4.0 upwards, adjusting default strings in a theme or plugin can be quite a frustrating experience. Here’s an idea what theme and plugin authors can do to make UI customization easier.

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A limitation in language does not imply one in logic. Always assume the person you are talking to is very clear about what they want to say, even when the way they are trying to express themselves with the limited vocabulary they have in your language might make them sound naive to your ears. They usually are clear about that, too.

Deutsche Sprachdateien für das beliebte Starter-Theme von Automattic:

_s (underscores) de_DE @GitHub

  • master: unveränderter Master-Branch von _s
  • _s-de_DE: deutsche Sprachdateien unter /languages, sonst ebenfalls unverändert

Ist natürlich nicht die, sondern bloß eine Übersetzung für _s. Automattic akzeptieren in ihrem Repository sinnvoller Weise keine Pull-Requests für Übersetzungen, weil diese sich bei der Arbeit an einem _s-basierten Theme in der Regel sowieso ändern.

Viel Spaß damit!