Hantierst du öfter mal mit mit dem Code oder Markup anderer Leute? Dann kennst du vielleicht dieses warme Gefühl, das sich von der Magengegend aus im ganzen Körper ausbreitet, wenn du merkst: Wow, da hat jemand, den ich gar nicht kenne, an mich gedacht! Oder nicht. Read on

This is why I believe that we need older people, women, educators, and artists INSIDE the software development cycle. More people-people, fewer thing-people. And I don’t mean on the outside, sitting at help desks or doing UI flower arranging. I mean on the INSIDE – making sure that software resonates with humanity at large.

Jeffrey Ventrella, The Case for Slow Programming

Living beyond the Edge of the World

25 years ago from today, the Berlin Wall stopped being the Iron Curtain that had divided humanity into The East and The West. As we can see the news full of pictures from November 9th, 1989 these days, I’d like to share quite a personal view of someone who was raised in The West and moved to what used to be The East as a young adult. For 12 of the 25 years since the Wall came down I’ve been living beyond the former edge of my world.

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