Excluding Specific Text Domains From Language Files (Or So)

When your plugin or theme supports WooCommerce, you might be using text strings from WooCommerce in your template files or hooked functions. Assigned to those strings is the woocommerce text domain, so translation will be handled by WooCommerce itself. Yay all the things, only one question remains: How can you get your translation tool to not include those strings in your language files?

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The mega-algorithm is powered by a particular idea of how technology fits into political economy: Algorithms serve to hide or obscure the actual human labor involved in business operations.

This contributes to a large-scale reshaping of the economics of labor. That is, paying people for the goods and services they produce stops being part of the way business is done and finding jobs that come with security, longevity, and a paycheck becomes more difficult. […]

Your best hope, apparently, is to escape exploitation by becoming the CEO of Your Life, Inc.

Jathan Sadowski (via The New Inquiry), From Mega-Machines to Mega-Algorithms

In the North a marriage was already real when woman and man consented to it […]. [This] may well help explain what happened to the whole economic machine around the North Sea over centuries […].

Women and men needed the time to get together the resources needed to start an independent life […]. So there were years in their lives when young people could go into service […] or work as journeymen hiring on by the day. Most of all, they could move.

By the late thirteenth century, there are references to […] young and unmarried workers on short contracts who had special skills and travelled to find the demand for them. They had their own networks […] in building and shipping […]. Much later, some of these serious tramps would write down their own stories.

These men were knowledge marching. They didn’t like the idea of being used by officials […], so they shifted about in small groups […] and […] kept crossing the boundaries between the various princedoms to stop any authority coming down hard on them.

A man whose life was tied to land and early marriage […] could never have […] stayed away so long; but these men were free to travel to make a living.

Michael Pye, The Edge Of The World—How The North Sea Made Us Who We Are