The future of publishing is that different people can get different content depending on their behavior, demographics, interest and more.

And if that’s the case, you … have to put that content in a dynamic container that can appear anywhere.

And your engine no longer is about rendering pages or posts. Instead, it is focused on pulling together the right “blocks” for you.

In the future, people won’t create pages. They’ll create various kinds of content and allow an engine to dynamically display different views of that content at different points along the journey.

Chris Lema on Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor

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John Maeda on the future of e-commerce:

… I heard stories of developers’ customers as having prosperously selling on the major platforms like or and with the majority of their revenue coming from them.
And then comes the one aberrant day where they fall down on customer service and get the 1-star rating, and then another. Even though they manage to recover, it’s too late and their store gets delisted.
The next month they need to file for bankruptcy because they were all-in on platforms that they didn’t own and control.

It got me to thinking about, “Who do the major selling platforms exclude?” And also, “What’s the most inclusive model of eCommerce out there?”

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The Future of eCommerce is Inclusion

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