Machine Learning


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From the angle of a web developer, it’s easy to think of machine learning exclusively as a means to more efficient advertising but it’s way more than just that. Besides ads and e-commerce, another big area of impact for machine learning on the web is journalism. Random examples from my bookmarks:

When you look beyond the web, machine learning is scoring big time all around, even in more ‘human’ sectors like agriculture, or health care. Again, these are just random examples from my bookmarks:

Bonus material:

At the moment it seems that we’re mostly building railroads/infrastructure (countless JavaScript/CSS libraries and frameworks) … those are important, but to what end? Aren’t we losing track of what’s really important: the user?

What if product metrics could be directly integrated in the product development process? What if we could add a new dimension to UI/UX development: METRICS. And what if we could build the UI/UX components to automatically adapt and morph based on these metrics?

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