Don’t white-wash history


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Only it wasn’t an ‘outbreak’.
It was a planned armed assault on a sovereign state, initiated and carried out by a democratically elected totalitarian German Nazi government who was fully aware they were actively launching a new world war. Don’t white-wash history.

To be clear, ‘outbreak caused by’ is framing WWII as a disease, or epidemic. It was neither of that, but a man-made (sic) period of total destruction powered by profit-oriented industrial forces serving a mad-men government. Germs had nothing to do with it.

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  1. Tom J Nowell says:

    Or an outbreak of glorious thunder, of noble applause, nostalgia and romanticism for the hero perception of valiant armed forces going to war for home and country, divorced from the realities and machinations. It’s almost a celebration that the allies were given the opportunity

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