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📊 What feasible alternatives for Google Analytics do you know of?
(Asking purely out of curiosity, no imminent application.)

📊 Welche brauchbaren Alternativen für Google Analytics kennt ihr?
(Frage nur aus Neugier, kein direkter Anwendungsfall.)

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  1. I’ve been using @matomo_org for few years now. Not fully utilizing all possibilities though, same as I did with GA

  2. The great open-source analytics (formerly Piwik)- poke @matomo_org

  3. Hey.
    I tried piwik 6 years ago. Now know as Matomo. It was a good tool to me. Self hosted. A lot of widgets and extensions.

  4. @SimpleAnalytic or @usefathom, both great services with a special focus on privacy

  5. Hm, Mint scheint eingestellt, zumindest für neue Registrierungen.

  6. I’ve used Matamo in the past but only for basic analytics. Reasonably straight forward to set up and there’s a WP plugin for the integration.

  7. Nico Martin sagt:

    +1 für Matomo. Die Natur der Sache ist halt, dass Matomo weniger über deine User weiss, ergo dir auch weniger über deine User sagen kann.. Aber das ist ja gerade der USP.

  8. +1 for Matomo, either a shared installation or a locally-installed one.

  9. If pageviews are sufficient then Statify. Otherwise Matomo or eTracker (German, but a but pricy). All internal Tools like WP Statistics etc. suffer from making a relaunch harder (Migration/big Database) but can be a solution in some cases …

  10. +1 for @matomo, formerly piwik. We’re using it on at least one client site ATM.

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