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Open web people:
Decentralise all the things!

Also open web people:
Let’s centralise the granular page rendering process of database-driven front-ends into one monolithic, JS-driven build process and re-generate the entire site every time any piece of content gets updated. 🔥

28 reactions on “Gatsby

  1. I’ve had over thirty years in software, and this is a cycle. Centralising breaks things. Decentralising breaks things. Every few years we go around learning why some things do and don’t work, but each generation is usually an improvement.

  2. super hard to find the right balance here, I found over the years..native walled gardens are drinking our milkshake because of their efficient centralization.

  3. That, and I’m also by no means ‘against’ any static site generators. I just find it interesting to explore the most innate concepts/principles that power both, our tech as well as current societal/political trends. Centralisation is one of them.

  4. Definitely interesting. I found an old AMP talk draft of mine that started with these words: “This isn’t a story about development. It isn’t a story of speed. Not even one of embedding. This is a story about vertical integration, every soulless businessman’s ultimate dream.”

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