Learn HTML, deeply


Note: Content might be outdated!

I think it was Paul van Buuren who came up with these originally. Or was is Rian Rietveld who remixed the ‘Learn JavaScript, deeply’ tagline first and Paul followed with his beautiful tile design?

For those unfamiliar with the history of the ‘Learn …, deeply’ phrase, it was coined by Matt Mullenweg in his State of the Word keynote 2015, as a ‘home work’ for WordPress developers. And in the day and age of React eating the web, rephrasing it to promote the profound knowledge of semantic HTML as the foundation of resilient web design seems very appropriate.

Anyway, I made these round stickers a while ago and have been distributing them at conferences (Rian and Paul got theirs, of course!). And Phillip just reminded me to reorder. ‘Learn HTML Deeply!’, everyone!

Pack of Learn HTML Deeply stickers
Artwork for a 50 mm x 50 mm full bleed round sticker ‘Learn HTML Deeply’
Also: CSS