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  1. Hi Caspar, what’s your opinion about having Facebook and Google as supporters of the Contract for the Web? Do you think is it better to have them on board so they can be held accountable of their acts? Or do you think it’s a bad joke to have them there while they’re being accused even by Amnesty International of their surveillance capitalism model?

    1. Caspar Hübinger says:

      A little bit of both, but more of the former, I’d say. In general, I believe it’s good thing that these big brands signed – even when it seems contradictory to their business practices. But one has to take into account that, as we’re speaking, the acceptance for those practices is rapidly shifting, and those companies are all too well aware of that. So I’m hopeful for change. Whether or not, and how, the Contract for the Web will become something companies can be held accountable to is an interesting question in and out of itself, and only time will be able to tell. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the answer 🙂 And thanks for being part of the people who work for making that shift quicker. It’s so important to talk about all these stuff and spread the word… that even when some contradictions appear like here, I also think that the best path is always going forward and keep educating.

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