Matt Mullenweg im Interview @DradCast

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Quotes by Matt Mullenweg

On WordPress‘ value:

Just because the price is low doesn’t mean that the value isn’t high.

Matt @ 0:12:15

On premium plugins (in distinction from commercial plugins):

I donnot use any premium plugins.

Matt @ 0:21:28

On user feedback to democratize is … not my baby, but … it’s a space which is not, explicitly not a kind of a core dev thing or community thing, even though it operates in the best interest of that, or try to. So the best I can offer is to listen to all the arguments on all of the sides and just try to make the best decision. […] That doesn’t mean I’ll always be right. I have never been always right in my entire life.

Matt @ 0:27:03

On the future of WordPress:

We’re kind of building a web operating system, […] something that other people can build on. It’s open source to the core and it’s collaborative and it has its great community, […] It’s an open source community that’s inclusive of women. We’re creating our own little slice of the web.

Matt @ 0:43:44

Update 31. März 2013: Bei Google+ hat sich eine interessante Diskussion um dieses Interview entfaltet. Sehr zu empfehlen, weil sachlich gehaltvoll: der lange Kommentar von Ralf Albert von heute (31.3.), 10:58 Uhr. Leider keine Permalinks für Kommentare bei G+, dafür gibt es ja eigentlich Blogs. 😉

Premium vs. commercial plugins: A premium plugin here requiring a payment to even download while a commercial plugin can be downloaded for free and offers commercial service upgrades.