Speaking at WordCamp Paris 2014


Note: Content might be outdated!

Saturday this week I’m honored to speak at WordCamp Paris. I’m a bit nervous as I hardly speak any French and understand very little. Although the event itself is open to attendees and speakers speaking other languages than French, I’m keen to at least reanimate the remainders of my school vocabulary to help me get around Paris for three days.

“You really only need one word”

Generally, the organizer team of WordCamp Paris 2014 has done an admirable job welcoming attendees and speakers who not speak French and making us feel at home. Answering sissy me in perfect Gallic gallantry, this is what they assured me of regarding my presumingly poor vocabulary. Well, merci beaucoup, that video has been a great encouragement. 🙂

Tweets, slides, interviews

As usual, I’ll most likely tweet quite a lot from the WordCamp, so Twitter followers, be ye warned. Tweets will be in English (unless my French improves significantly during the event), posts in German as well as pictures may happen at Google Plus, depending on wifi.

I’m also going to publish the slides of my talk The Multilingual Blogging Software Dilemma (and ways to solve it) very soon after the session on Saturday morning.
For those of you who didn’t know there is a core feature for blogging in more than one language—Multilingual WordPress is coming at ya’. 😉 For those who did know it still might be a fun session to participate in.

Alex Frison of Inpsyde and myself would like to shoot a couple of video interviews with various organizers and attendees. For one, we’d like to take some impressions, news and faces from the French WordPress community home to our fellow Germans; further more, we are keen to discuss the topic of Multilingual WordPress (aka publishing in more than one language) in the context of European WordPress communities with as many WordCampers as possible. Any comments are highly appreciated. If you attend WordCamp Paris, please feel free to say hi any time.

Looking forward meeting you in Paris this weekend!