5 reasons why you should hop over to Germany and attend WordCamp Hamburg 2014


Note: Content might be outdated!

WordCamp Hamburg is going to be upon us in about six weeks from today. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, or you have been thinking about applying as a speaker, but haven’t sent in your application so far, here’s some fuel to get your engine started.

1. WordCamps are fun!

Beyond doubt, WordCamps are great fun. You get to meet people whom you only knew from their Gravatar images. Chatting with people on Twitter or IRC is one thing —talking to like-minded individuals face to face can be an even more satisfying experience.

There are always lots of opportunities to chat, network, build true relationships and —guess what— make some real friends for your real life during a WordCamp.

2. Learn and share.

WordCamps are great for both, learning from others and sharing what you’ve learned with others. Are you a WordPress expert? Why not consider giving back to the community by holding a session or lightning talk, hosting a workshop or leading a team during contributor day?

Speaker application for WordCamp Hamburg is open until Friday, May 2nd.

3. Broaden your horizon.

Attending a WordCamp outside of your local community can be a great experience. Take a step out of your comfort zone and connect with WordPress users and professionals from other parts of the world!

4. Germany is easy going.

Germany is relatively easy to travel to. If you’re from a EU country, you will not need any visa; same goes for UK and US citizens for visits of up to 90 days.

Although some German habits may be subject for a healthy laugh, most Germans —particularly in a city like Hamburg— are friendly, open and helpful towards visitors.

5. Hamburg is a beautiful city.

It truly is, and even more so in June. By all means, book a couple of extra nights if you can! Hang out at the beach of river Elbe, vis-à-vis of the Blohm & Voss docks, sip on a cold Astra or Flensburger and watch big ocean liners come in. Take a harbor cruise, visit Speicherstadt, or take a long walk around the Alster. There’s plenty of nightlife as well, be brave. 😉

WordCamp Hamburg 2014

WordCamp Hamburg will feature 2 days with 3 parallel session tracks, plus a contributor day. The main language of the event will be German, however, English spoken attendees and speakers are most welcome. Hamburg itself, through its history and harbor, has quite an “international” spirit. You’ll definitely get along with English.

So what’s not to like? Get your ticket already and hop over in June! 🙂

Hamburg harbor photo by Stephanie Wiermann borrowed from #wchh14 site.