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There would be a lot to say here, after this and after WordCamp Hamburg 2014. There may be, but for now I’d like to pick a few cherries.

The WordCamp

The purpose of any WordCamp: people.
Photos & slide show by Uli Matthes

It was a heck of a WordCamp! 315 Tickets sold according to the organizer team.

  • Two full camp days packed with sessions, planned and spontaneous ones.
  • The first Contributor Day in Germany.
  • Happy faces all over the places.
  • The food was better in Berlin last year and the year before, but we’ll let that go. 😉

Thank you tons, organizers!

I’m not going to start reminiscing on all the fabulous presentations and discussions here — maybe later. Sure did enjoy holding mine on translating WordPress with the dozen of dear folks who had found their way into it on late Sunday afternoon. You rock! 🙂

After the WordCamp, enthusiasm doesn’t seem to abate:

And this, which is heart-warmingly cute:

The Contributor Day

On Contributor Day at #wchh14, good old has said hello to the world again, and helps spreading the word. Others do, too:

It has been said this is a new beginning, and as enthusiastically as those who’ve rolled up their sleeves are welcoming fellow contributors and pushing the site forward to hopefully represent WordPress in its full extend soon, and as happy I am to contribute — the true effort will not be establishing a prettier WordPress Deutsch site.

The true effort will be for us to communicate, act, create, fail, re-create and celebrate as a community within a community — or as Zé put it: together, with grace.

Gemeinschaft, gemeinsam, offen
Community, together, open – words from the keynote for WordCamp Hamburg 2014 held by Zé Fontainhas

See y’all at WordCamp Europe! Gonna be diggin’ in the pit meanwhile. 😉

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