Elevating with Troy Dean


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Simon Dickson from Code For The People very kindly had referred me as an interviewee for Troy Dean’s WP Elevation podcast lately. Today the show has been published.

Troy and I had a good hour of enthusiastic conversion[1] conversation on all things WordPress from a freelancer and enterprise perspective—with happy me continuing to build my reputation as the guy who doesn’t give a **** swearing publicly in multiple languages.
Troy, of course, immediately taught me a lesson there just being himself and showing good manners at the same time. 😉

If you’re curious, but don’t think you can spend the time listening during your busy hours of the day, do like I did, download the show to your phone and listen while you commute or cook. Troy kindly provides a nifty download link right there at the end of the blog post.

Win a license of Multilingual Press Pro!

Please do feel free to enter the competition for winning one of three licenses of Multilingual Press Pro donated by MarketPress!

All you need to do is create some value for the rest of the WP Elevation audience by answering my two questions in the comments, and you’re in for a win!

Listen, watch, download

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed speaking with Troy. Also, I referred Remkus DeFries of Forsite Media to be interviewed next, so keep an eye on the WP Elevation blog feed!

Best way to watch the video, listen to the show or download, of course, is to hop over to WP Elevation!

Thanks Troy and Simon for the opportunity!

[1]That’s a Freudian slip I discovered 24 hours after publishing! ↩︎

4 reactions on “Elevating with Troy Dean

  1. Troy says:

    It was an absolute pleasure having you on the show Caspar. And thanks to Simon for the introduction.

    1. Thanks, Troy, would love doing it again anytime! Looking forward to follow up on comments now, curious what people have to say regarding the competition.

  2. It was a pleasure to listen! Very interesting how sometimes you get to know more about the WordPress community of Germany (or Switzerland or Europe) through a foreign show than you get by living here. As Caspar mentioned sometimes Germans invent and Americans (or Australiens) market and sell. I guess we need to see each others cultural differences / strengths as possibilities to complement one another. Isn’t it amazing how many big US companies have Swiss or German people in their leadership (like Automattic with Toni Schneider)?

    1. Christian, thanks for your comment. Couldn’t agree more on:

      I guess we need to see each others cultural differences / strengths as possibilities to complement one another.

      Shows like Troy’s imo can and do help great deal here.

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