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Yesterday I’ve treated myself with Desk. I had been on a quest for a consistent writing experience for quite some time that would allow me to i.e. write in Markdown, switch to WYSIWYG, but always post in HTML. Desk can do all that, and more.

Update: Apparently it cannot. Markdown won’t automatically be converted to HTML when publishing a post to (or updating from) my WordPress blog. Trying to remember where and when I might have gotten the impression that would happen, it now appears wishful thinking. Sigh.

Update #2: So that “missing” (wanted, but non-existent) conversion from Markdown to HMTL actually is a feature—a decision I can very well see the value in.

Far more importantly, Desk promises to offer a writing experience agnostic to the ever iterating UI changes in my favorite blogging software.

Usually, those changes are meant to improve things for authors/users (and many do), yet in sum they just keep changing and changing the interface I try working in.
After all, those changes have added up to something that doesn’t feel familiar and trustworthy for me any more.

So I had started looking for something more consistent. I gave stackedit.io a try and used it for quite some time now, but its default designs—sorry, providers—hurt my eyes, and I didn’t want to invest the time digging into user styles and redesign the whole experience.

I just want to write when I need to, and I want to have fun doing it. So … Desk. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m already positive.

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  1. Thanks for your support! That means a lot!

    1. Why, thanks for creating Desk! It is a great tool working with.

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