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I wish WordPress theme authors would get this tattooed to the back of their retina, so they’d be constantly reminded.

Responsive web design solves an important problem: it makes the same content comfortably digestible between different devices. For folks to receive different content just because they have different devices would be unacceptable.

Similarly, it’s unacceptable for a design to dictate the nature of the content. We wouldn’t tell an editor, “Lose that, will you? It makes the design look wrong.”

Heydon Pickering, Quantity Queries for CSS

2 reactions on “Content-independent Design

  1. ben_ says:

    Or … to quote the great, great Anne van Kesteren: Code to Standards, not Devices!

    Funny thing about that quote: He meant a Screenreader back then in 2005. And I (and the developers around me) adopted his Quote in regard of Browsers, not hardware … such a long time ago …

    1. Time is always on the side of truth. 😉

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