Oh, bugger.

As reported by reliable sources today, WordPress sites all over the world currently are being hacked by extremists. Defacements with symbols of terrorist organizations have been spotted.

Update: This post was supposed to be satirical. Didn’t get quite through, obviously. 😉 No, my site hasn’t been hacked.

Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in plugins such as [you think we let you tell’em, sucker?! hahahaha!!!]. Even this site has been affected, and the owner hasn’t yet managed to bring it back to normal. Help, anyone!!

Update: Got it fixed by restoring to my latest nightly backup. Whew. Has anyone mentioned backups to you yet? Awesome stuff.

FBI seal defacement on GlückPress
FBI seal defacement on GlückPress

3 thoughts on “Oh, bugger.

    1. Sollte Satire sein, die Pointe war aber wohl zu … hm … unsachlich? Du bist jedenfalls der Dritte, der das (fast) ernst genommen hat. Oder hab’ ich unwissentlich einen faux pas begangen, und man macht über das FBI keine Witze mehr in 2015? 😉

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