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Yes, I do like to talk to people. I talk to people a lot at WordCamps, meetups, on Twitter, and on Slack.

Yes, I’m part of a large community and know a lot of people.

No, I am neither a gateway, nor a gatekeeper, and I’m not a leader. (In fact I try to avoid very hard being perceived as one, because.)

No, it is not ok for you to contact me in order to get free advice on how to get a foot in the door with said community.

First, I’m a busy person just like you who needs to make money for a living, so I usually don’t give away business advice for free. Second, there is no shortcut into a community. If you want to market to them, you will have to earn their trust.

If you’re interested in taking the longer road, I’ve written about why and how to sponsor WordCamps.

Thanks, love ya’.