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I’ve just come across this comment from Samuel Wood aka Otto42 at the GitHub Updater repo regarding the WordPress.org plugin repository and its potential Git(Hub) support. Thought I’d post it here, more for personal archiving than anything else.

After pointing out how it’s actually possible to have an extra branch for releases in a GitHub repo and dcommit a release from there to the plugins repo on WordPress.org, Otto says:

The problem with git is that honestly, it keeps too much data. People commit too often, as weird as that sounds. And while lots of committing for development purposes is fine, the plugin repository is a release repository. We don’t need the commit history of every little change you make to your plugin. Every commit causes us to parse the plugin, build zip files, send update notifications if needed. There’s a lot of activity that happens on commits.[…]

WordPress.org provides release and hosting systems, not public repositories to be used as development environments.

I think that answer may be valuable for many developers who rather use Git than SVN and were wondering why WordPress.org would stick to SVN. Makes senses, imo, when explained like that.

4 reactions on “WordPress.org and Git(Hub)

  1. I just can’t by the “too many commits” argument. Just like so many projects in GIT this is easily managed when needed.

    1. Possibly. I’d assume it goes on top of a whole lot of other reasons in regards to w.org’s infrastructure. 😉

  2. Anton says:

    No, it absolutely makes no sense! If you don’t want the whole wirkload on every commit, do it on every new tag – that is it!

  3. Jacob Santos says:

    Rebase and pull requests exists.

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