Did I work enough this week?


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When you work from home, on a flexible schedule […] it becomes very easy to just work whenever you sit down for 30 seconds. This is my new challenge.

Thankfully I have a wonderful wife who understands that I have the luxury of working in my field of passion […]. With that passion comes the inane ‘ability’ to always be thinking about it, even when I’m not sitting at my computer. This has […] ultimately lead up to some stress.

My truest challenge […] is knowing when it’s time to […] shut off […] and just spend time with my family. It’s a challenge I’m learning to face, and the hardest part is admitting to myself that it’s a problem. It’s come up in conversation a couple times with my wife, and every time, she lets me know when I’m failing. Honesty here is the key. Not guilt, not anger, just brutal honesty of when I’m not being the best husband and dad because I’m putting work before them.

I think one great thing we did as a team, not to long ago, was to sit down and have an open discussion on expectations and work habits. We’ve all agreed that we need to tackle the balance and even when our passion get’s the best of us, learn when to turn it off and tend to our ‘non-work’ life. Getting those concerns and opinions out in the open air was very important. It’s helping with the ‘Did I work enough this week?’ internal monologue, and really allowing me to be confident in the fact that I’m giving what’s expected of me.

Chris Klosowski, How Writing One Plugin Changed My Lifestyle