Metamorphosis at full steam


Note: Content might be outdated!

Finding yourself in the middle of what feels like somewhat of a transition in your life, can conjure up weird pondering. What’s the difference of real transformation compared to a common magic trick?

Visualize that popular magic hat trick for a moment:

  • A seemingly empty top hat. (?)
  • A raw egg goes in.
  • Three knocks with a magic wand.
  • A white dove flies out.

Now visualize everything you know about metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly. What’s the key difference? I was tempted to think “magic” at first. But I think it’s control.

A successful magic trick comes as the result of control at its perfection—metamorphosis as the total sacrifice of it.

Whatever smart a caterpillar may take in, it will never grow wings continuing the daily grind dangling from leaf to leaf. A half-time cocoon? No deal. Real transformation doesn’t seem to tolerate compromise.

Metamorphosis either does not happen, or it happens at full steam—on the inside, while on the outside nothing seems to happen at all.

As long as control is of any concern, keep nibbling the green stuff. You’ll know when you’re ready for your cocoon.