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So Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages are here to make the internet fast.

Two things.
This (highlighting by me):

If you visit Google’s own page “How AMP speeds up performance” there is a convenient list of the actual things you could do to your own site to make it fast like AMP. There is no secret sauce.

Peter Chamberlin, Performance is a feature

Which begs for this:

“The secret ingredient of my brand new web service that makes mobile pages super fast is … nothing!”
“You heard me! Nothing! There is no secret ingredient to improve performance!”
—“Wait, wait—it’s just plain old internet?? You don’t add some kind of special, proprietary HTML variant or something?”
“Well, a little, but it’s basically cosmetics. To make something special, you just have to make people believe it’s special!”

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. I’m closely following the Content Performance Policy proposal by Yoav Weiss, which proposes a set of directives (ie. headers or meta tags) which specify the restrictions a page has in place in order to maintain high performance. It’s a really interesting idea, and hopefully it — or something like it — could become the open web’s answer to AMP and Instant Articles.

    1. Thanks, John, looks very interesting indeed.

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