State of the Word 2016

Posting transcripts of Matt Mullenweg’s annual State of the Word seems to be a thing this year, so I gave it a shot (or more than one). To be fair, this piece falls short in things Matt actually said. If you want accuracy, read Brian’s.

Here we go:

Just kidding. Nashville, here we come.

A bazillion WordCamps happened in 2016, except in Siberia. ’Sup, Russia?

There might be actual invoices for your WordCamp tickets soon. There might.

Hi from the rest of the Press family (Buddy, bb, Glot).

Found a security bug? Make money with it!

WordPress in English needs your help.
All other languages are pretty much covered.
(“Other what??”—I know, I know.)

It’s the Box of Shame for you.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, it’s Growth.
Marketing sounds… nah.

WordPress is in terrible need of a new, clean, intuitive, human-friendly user experience. This has started to fall over, folks.

Just kidding. Let’s talk tech. Y’all heard of PHP 7?

ICYMI, Calypso was a Greek nymphe whose story is worth reading.

Helen is absolutely amazing, and this is one of the only two paragraphs in this piece you should take for absolutely real.

WordPress 4.7.

Ok, let’s talk UX then.
The editor works pretty neatly, doesn’t it?
(In fact, it does.)

WordPress 4.8 might take a while, maybe until 5.0.

That’s it in a nutshell. Again, none of this is what Matt has really said. As mentioned earlier, you can find the real deal on Poststatus.