MacBook Pro from scratch


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My late 2011 MacBook Pro finally died, and WP Media (we’re hiring!) were so gracious to buy me a new one the very same day.

I felt it was time for a clean start instead of just shoving all the junk from 5+ years over to the new device. So this is what I’ve done so far:

  • ✅ make system usable:
    • remove clutter (Siri) from touch bar
    • disable auto correct
    • set active corners etc.
    • enable Firewall etc.
  • ✅ install Chrome
  • ✅ install Dropbox (soon to be 90% replaced with something self-hosted)
  • ✅ install and sync 1Password
  • ✅ install Alfred
  • ✅ install Slack
  • ✅ install Flux
  • ✅ install Atom
  • ✅ install MAMP (PRO)
  • ✅ install Coda (mostly for its neat FTP client, not for coding)
  • ✅ install Simplenote
  • ✅ sync Calendars
  • ✅ change location for screenshots (defaults write bla…)

I have not yet transferred all the files, and I probably won’t, but leave some older, less used, yet big folders on an external drive.

The new machine is quite a relief, a lot faster, literally cool (translating into less of fan), and overall definitely an improvement—though of course I miss my fading ⌘ key and the sticker-plastered lid.

Time to go to some WordCamps. 🙂

Tons of stickers on a MacBook

2 reactions on “MacBook Pro from scratch

  1. TribalGeediz says:

    Hi Caspar, may I ask about your dead MacBook Pro? What macOS version did you run? also does your computer still start but face “white screen”? Funny but mine MBP 2011 died as well the same day, and I am now investigating this as I find more and more people with recently died MacBook Pros!!!

    1. My old machine ran the most recent macOS. No blank screen, but this:

      The graphic card could have been exchanged, but the repair cost would have added up to over €700, while Apple would stop support for the model itself by next year.

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