React as Matter of point of Vue

Woke up to this and laughed so hard I thought it deserves archiving. Also, transcript of the screenshot below. And for reference, there may be more of those while I am typing this, so check out the conversation yourself.

Screenshot of Twitter thread, transcript in this article
Sarah’s post on WP Tavern caused a chain of reactions.

Sarah:WordPress Core JavaScript Framework Debate Heats Up, Contributors Narrow Discussion to React vs. Vue

Gary: Sarah, it’s very rude to publish before I’ve had a chance to make some jokes about the situation.

Aaron: Gary, it’s very rude to take so long to make jokes about the situation.

Gary: Sorry, Aaron. I only just woke up, it’s taking me a bit longer to React.

Gary: That said, the Vue for the rest of the day looks good.

Sarah: I don’t React to criticisms from tardy punsters, I Vue it as trying to control the narrative. 🗞

Gary: Really? It looks more like fanning the Embers to me.

Ryan: Gary, no one cares about your Vue point.

Gary: On the contrary, my Vue is the only one to Matter.js.

I’m going to stop here, but make sure you explore the side threads!

Wrapping it up with Mika:

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