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WordCamp 2018 focusses on inclusivity in WordPress and mention (among others) Thabo Tswana and yours truly in a global exchange of ideas.

With a diverse and inclusive event, everyone benefits from shared knowledge, experiences and ways of thinking.

“We’re all caught up in our preconceived notions, biases, cultures,” said Caspar Hübinger, WCEU 2017 speaker and support agent at WP Media, “It often takes somebody coming in from a different part of the planet, from a different mindset, industry, community, or whatever background to crack open our comfort zones and ignite new views and ideas.”

“Not only does WordPress help to democratize publishing,” said Thabo Tswana, freelance web designer and WCEU 2017 speaker, “but as a humanitarian side-effect, it brings people together of different nationalities, religions and backgrounds. We all have stories to tell and perspectives to be heard, which help us to make WordPress better for everyone.”

At WCEU 2017, Thabo shared the story of how he started a WordPress community in Harare, Zimbabwe, with the help of the Foundation’s Incubator Program. After meeting Thabo, Caspar went on to speak at WordCamp Harare to continue the global exchange of ideas that gave him so much inspiration.

“I came back as a different person,” said Caspar: “My views on our community, on my day-to-day job as a support agent, on building websites in general has changed dramatically, and I owe that to Thabo.”

Encouraging diversity also encourages originality, and all of our attendees will benefit from an atmosphere where people from different walks of life can collaborate and learn from each other.

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WCEU shines a light on inclusivity in WordPress