PSA: I’m doing new things


Note: Content might be outdated!

After five years in customer support for various WordPress products on three teams in two companies, with more than 18,000 replies sent, more than 6,000 customers helped, and tons of learnings on what real-life WordPress looks like, I have joined Human Made as a Digital Marketer.

I’ve left a crew of people at WP Media whom I established true friendships with, and I’m not ashamed to admit on my first day at the new place I felt a bit of “homesickness” 😊—despite the fact I’ve been blessed to call some of my new teammates at Human Made friends for years, too, and that I couldn’t imagine any other work place I’d rather go to.

Three weeks in, I feel more than excited about my new role; it’ll be a pleasure and honour to apply myself to the continued success of this outstanding crowd of people and explore new territory with them. 🌟

Welcome to Human Made: Caspar Hübinger