Tatiana Mac on privilege


Note: Content might be outdated!

At #PerfMatters 2019, this happened: a great, great talk I wish everyone dropping by here will watch beginning to end.

The idea, or conclusion rather, that anything and everything performing in the browser, or on a device of some kind, is but a proxy for human performance on the other end of the wire is something I have been exploring myself for years – first in Die Einfachheit der Dinge (2016), then in Big little shame and Fast websites and how to make them (2017), and soon in Text me if you can (coming next week at WordCamp Lisboa).

However, where in those talks I looked at technical symptoms of privilege and tried to cook up hacks and recipes to cure them, Tatiana does something much more powerful and fearless: she presents privilege and sits with it – as she says we all should do.

No ‘…and this is what you can do to make it go away’. Tatiana invites us to face the reality of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and accept its impact on each and everyone of us. And while we do that, she proceeds to dismantle it to its bare bones, with fascinating grace and in a hot pink suit.