Minimal Admin Menu

I have retired this site, but a small update seems in order: earlier this year, I made a WordPress plugin for a minimal admin menu, and yesterday, I put it in an open repository on GitHub: 👉 If you check it out, I’d love to hear from you!

Off Twitter

Today, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account (@glueckpress). Twitter gives you 30 days between deactivation and deletion, so if anything really compelling should come up why I need this account, I will be able to get it back before January 6th. I appreciated the conversations as much as the daily chit-chat. Whoever wants to reach out,… Read more Off Twitter


Have you realised that every single time you retweet a demagogue, you’re a ca-ching in their attention cash box? They couldn’t care less about what you say but they almost literally jerk off on the fact that you are saying something at all. Raw human attention. You’re either paying, or you’re not.