This is WordPress

Automattic recently published 📺‘A meditation on the open web’, a 3:18 minutes video in which the viewer is taken on a visual journey that compares Facebook to a smoggy metropolis and Instagram to a Potemkin suburbia. The viewer is then guided ‘to see what else is out there in the world’: As the suburbs fade… Read more This is WordPress

✨ Webrings ✨


So we need a new funky name. Something like “CircleJerks”. No? 🙄 Okay, tell me a better name. Charlie ‘Pingding’? Might confuse a bunch of people on Facebook, but hey. I have a mattress brand named like me. (Ok, almost, but given that Americans have been misspelling misspell my last syllable for four decades, it’s… Read more ✨ Webrings ✨

Developer superpower


The way Heather Burns recently addressed developers in the context of privacy and data protection resonates a lot with my thoughts on website performance: It’s imperative for developers to be conscious to not do all the things you could do just because you can. Heather phrases it a lot more poignantly: ‘You are people of… Read more Developer superpower