Ceterum censeo Monsanto esse delendam.

Roman statesman Cato the Elder frequently if not invariably ended his speeches in the Senate with a variant of this expression even when his speech had been totally unrelated to Roman foreign policy towards Carthage.
Wikipedia, “Ceterum censeo Carthago esse delendam”

I love writing about practically working solutions and people who create them.

I hate getting political.

Nonetheless, it becomes inevitably obvious that trying not to be political in a world where politics by and large have become a game of deception sometimes makes your defaults as an ordinary citizen so political that it’s better to just become aware of the game and speak your piece aloud.

So, as I’ve been saying: Monsanto must be destroyed.


“Monsanto” as a label

First of all, let me explain how I am using Monsanto as a label here.

Monsanto obviously is a corporation led by these individuals who arguably might be personally responsible for the contamination of global crops with genetically sterilized seed—which includes the consequence of farmers no longer being able to reproduce their own seed, hence being more or less forced to purchase seed from Monsanto.

However, when I say “Monsanto” in this article, I NOT ONLY mean the actual name and trademark of Monsanto Company, St.Louis, Ohio, but a certain type of corporation and/or business model in general that tries to

  • leverage natural resources we as humans fundamentally depend upon,
  • modify and/or privatize those resources to be controlled by them, the corporations, only,
  • remove natural access to the natural resources and make those privately modified resources assets of an economy they as corporations control alone.

In short terms:

Using “Monsanto” as a label here, I’m referring to the handful or so of corporations currently trying to enslave humanity by removing our abilities to independently grow and make food (including free access to clean water wherever it exists).

“Destroy” by law, not by physical force

When I’m saying the “Monsanto” type of corporation is to be “destroyed” it goes without saying I am NOT referring to “destroyed” as in “bomb”, “tear down” or any other way of physical destruction of i.e. a building, NOR do I in any way suggest any physical harm should be done to any human individuals.

What I DO mean when I’m using the term “destroyed” is: by law. 

From my rather unpolitical perspective the current situation looks like this:

Politicians around the world—namely in the U.S., but increasingly around the E.U.—have sucked themselves way too far up the asses of “Monsanto” type of corporations. The attorneys of those corporations literally write up legislation for their employers who then have their corrupted government officials pass their customized laws. Essentially, we’re witnessing our children’s future being merrily fucked to death in a global political-economic gang-bang.

THAT needs to end. The legal bodies—corporations, corrupted governments and commissions—perpetuating actions and omissions harmful to ALL of mankind globally need to be destroyed by the force of law. And don’t even try to make me a “socialist” here, I’m not talking about passing more laws. I’m talking about enforcing existing laws as brutally as possible against companies like Monsanto and their leaders.

We, the people, through our political delegates must bring forth a global legal effort to ban the  “Monsanto” type of corporation from the stage of global economy, from now on and forever.

Taking action

It’s NOT hard. And I don’t have the perfect plan here, just a couple of ideas that aren’t new either, but repetition is somewhat the key argument in this article anyways.

  • As easy as it is in the age of internet to sign an online petition, I am yet to see convincing proof that those actions have any practical effect besides calming down the stirred feelings of individuals. So I’m not sure if signing a petition is a good thing. If it does calm your feelings down to where you then don’t take other action? Not good. Otherwise, go ahead and go further.
  • Act differently, of course, consume responsibly. If you’re in the lucky position of personally knowing someone who works for a “Monsanto” type of business, by all means persuade them to get a new job and suggest they make it publicly known they quit because they don’t want contribute to the destruction of global food resources any longer.
  • If you have a balcony or garden, grow healthy crop or allow others to do so on your property. Then share the seed of that crop with others to ensure continuous availability of uncontaminated seed for future generations.
  • If you have a voice on the internet, consider using your online presence to name the catastrophe going on and demand it be ended.

Cato put out his phrase long enough, and Carthage was destroyed eventually.