WordCamp Refugee

During WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris I stayed at a hotel at Porte de Clignancourt, a 25 minutes walk from the conference venue. Each of the three days of the event, I would walk past improvised refugee shelters with no sanitary facilities whatsoever, as well as refugees camping out on the bare concrete underneath a freeway junction. On my third day, I had the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson, and this is how it happened.

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I’m honored to give a talk on inclusive WordPress localization and empowered user experience at WordCamp Torino, April 8, 2017.

Big little shame—A story of empowered user experience through localization
Banner source | Portrait photo by @damndirty. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Why I had thought that trying to bring a topic that complex to a local WordCamp whose native language I don’t even speak was a good idea, is beyond me at the moment. 🙂 It probably will take a proper amount of good will and imagination from the audience for us to work through that presentation together.

In preparation, I’m working on an update for the Stringintelligenz plugin in order to make it supportive of other locales than German.

Alternative translation files will still have to be deployed with the plugin, i.e. they can’t be hosted on translate.wordpress.org like core locales. I’m aware this doesn’t sound ideal for potential volunteering localizers, so I’ll be happy to add contributors to the repos on GitHub and WordPress.org if necessary, in order to widen the bottle-neck.

Atom editor: beware shift-cmd-W

Ever lost an unsaved file in Atom editor, because you accidentally pressed shift-cmd-W (close window without confirmation) instead of shift-alt-W (wrap selection in tag)?

Atom can restore a session when you close a previously saved file with unsaved edits, but it won’t (as far as my knowledge and agonizing experience go) restore a file that has not been saved before.

Solution: Add a custom keybinding to redefine the shift-cmd-W command.

  1. Atom→Keymap… to open keymap.cson.
  2. Add the following and save the file:
  'shift-cmd-W': 'core:close'

This basically duplicates the behavior of cmd-W for shift-cmd-W. Atom will nicely ask for confirmation before closing the file and sending your edits to Walhalla.

I use Atom to edit/write plain old HTML a lot, and I have no use for a command that would delete unsaved content without confirmation, so this works for me.

Should have done this way earlier.

Animated GIF of the process described above.