I’ve just set up a monthly recurring donation to Mozilla Foundation because I guess it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, and it seemed like a good start. They’re really only asking for a small amount, although you’re obviously free to enter any amount you want. If you can, I’d be thrilled… Read more #LoveTheWeb

Bluer sky?


Twitter has set out to decentralise itself and help create a decentralised standard for social media; the project is called bluesky.

‘Link in bio’


“But killing off links is a strategy […], designed to keep people from the open web, the place where they can control how, and whether, someone makes money off of an audience. The web is where we can make sites that don’t abuse data in the ways that Facebook properties do. Links take us to… Read more ‘Link in bio’

Off Twitter

Today, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account (@glueckpress). Twitter gives you 30 days between deactivation and deletion, so if anything really compelling should come up why I need this account, I will be able to get it back before January 6th. I appreciated the conversations as much as the daily chit-chat. Whoever wants to reach out,… Read more Off Twitter