Have you realised that every single time you retweet a demagogue, you’re a ca-ching in their attention cash box? They couldn’t care less about what you say but they almost literally jerk off on the fact that you are saying something at all. Raw human attention. You’re either paying, or you’re not.

Bye, Amazon


I’ve deleted my Amazon account: Searched help, found how-to pamphlet. Requested account closure via contact form, confirmed I had understood all implications. (Hat tip Dorian Warning) Got reply, had to confirm again. Received confirmation. Four days from start to finish.

A promise


When we see “internet of things”, let’s make it an internet of beings. When we see “virtual reality”, let’s make it a shared reality. When we see “machine learning”, let’s make it collaborative learning. When we see “user experience”, let’s make it about human experience. When we hear “the singularity is near”, let us remember:… Read more A promise

Learn HTML, deeply


I think it was Paul van Buren who came up with these originally. Or was is Rian Rietfeld who remixed the ‘Learn JavaScript, deeply’ tagline first and Paul followed with his beautiful tile design? For those unfamiliar with the history of the ‘Learn …, deeply’ phrase, it was coined by Matt Mullenweg in his State… Read more Learn HTML, deeply