Off Twitter

Today, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account (@glueckpress). Twitter gives you 30 days between deactivation and deletion, so if anything really compelling should come up why I need this account, I will be able to get it back before January 6th. I appreciated the conversations as much as the daily chit-chat. Whoever wants to reach out,… Read more Off Twitter



“As technology spins the world into vaster webs of interconnected systems in which each individual only sees a small part, we need […] more people who start broad and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives while they progress. People with range.” David Epstein, Range

Cannibal chimp


Chimps are occasional cannibals. Mailchimp seems to be no different. Can micro web agencies and freelancers still afford exposing their go-to email marketing service to their clients if that service now has entered in direct competition with their key offering: making websites?