PSA: I’m doing new things

After five years in customer support for various WordPress products on three teams in two companies, with more than 18,000 replies sent, more than 6,000 customers helped, and tons of learnings on what real-life WordPress looks like, I have joined Human Made as a Digital Marketer.

Mobile and happiness

Interesting data from the GSM Association (GSMA): According to Gallup’s 2016 World Poll data, almost half of the world’s adult population (48%) has both a mobile phone and internet access, while about one-third (34%) have a mobile but no access to the internet (via computer or mobile device). […] Among the 45 high-income countries included in… Read more Mobile and happiness

Thank you, 2017

January 1st of whatever year is a good day to go through one’s camera folder from the previous year and marvel at life and its blessings. So here’s my 2017 in pictures.

#ICYMI2017 — Effin' Birds (@EffinBirds) December 27, 2017 #ICYMI2017