Call me naive, but I refuse to sit back and let our digital culture fade to corporate beige. That’s not a digital world I want to be a part of, and I’m going to fight every step of the way to fuck up the plan.
[…] those of us who are willing to stick our necks out […] have an advantage […] that the machines and machine-thinkers will always be reluctant to admit:

Humans are unpredictable mushy bags of irrationality and emotion.

Travis Gertz, Design Machines

The mega-algorithm is powered by a particular idea of how technology fits into political economy: Algorithms serve to hide or obscure the actual human labor involved in business operations.

This contributes to a large-scale reshaping of the economics of labor. That is, paying people for the goods and services they produce stops being part of the way business is done and finding jobs that come with security, longevity, and a paycheck becomes more difficult. […]

Your best hope, apparently, is to escape exploitation by becoming the CEO of Your Life, Inc.

Jathan Sadowski (via The New Inquiry), From Mega-Machines to Mega-Algorithms