A Consistent Writing Experience

Yesterday I’ve treated myself with Desk. I had been on a quest for a consistent writing experience for quite some time that would allow me to i.e. write in Markdown, switch to WYSIWYG, but always post in HTML. Desk can do all that, and more.

Post-millenial Ownership

To “own something” in the traditional sense is becoming less important, because what’s scarce has changed. Ownership just isn’t hard anymore.[…] The biggest insight we can glean from the death of ownership is about connection. This is the thing which is now scarce, […] the question becomes, “What do we do with this?” The value… Read more Post-millenial Ownership

Jahresrückblick 2014

Ich hab’s letztes Jahr getan, und ich tu’s wieder. Dieser Artikel enthält Persönliches, Unsachliches, manchmal Sentimentales, und ein paar Zahlen. TL;DR: Caspar hatte ein aufregendes Jahr.