Cannibal chimp


Chimps are occasional cannibals. Mailchimp seems to be no different. Can micro web agencies and freelancers still afford exposing their go-to email marketing service to their clients if that service now has entered in direct competition with their key offering: making websites?


Have you realised that every single time you retweet a demagogue, you’re a ca-ching in their attention cash box? They couldn’t care less about what you say but they almost literally jerk off on the fact that you are saying something at all. Raw human attention. You’re either paying, or you’re not.

Find a new name, Leo


And somewhere in Chicago somebody’s drunk ca-chinging six figures for this shit show of a campaign. This isn’t good marketing. It’s a malicious, short-sighted, irresponsible, uninspired, and most of all lazy growth hack. It’s what happens when advertising commits to engagement rather than loyalty. “But it works!” – No, it fucking does not. If you… Read more Find a new name, Leo