Minimal Admin Menu

I have retired this site, but a small update seems in order: earlier this year, I made a WordPress plugin for a minimal admin menu, and yesterday, I put it in an open repository on GitHub: 👉 If you check it out, I’d love to hear from you!



Torsten hat eine wunderschöne Blogging Challenge gestartet: #Projekt26. Ein Jahr lang alle zwei Wochen einen Blogartikel (~1.800 Zeichen, vozugsweise zu WordPress) veröffentlichen und – ganz wichtig! – einen Kommentar auf einen Artikel von jemand anders posten. Ich nehme das Projekt zum Anlass, meine andere Site endlich mal zu bevölkern (, auch wenn das Design noch… Read more #Projekt26

Cannibal chimp


Chimps are occasional cannibals. Mailchimp seems to be no different. Can micro web agencies and freelancers still afford exposing their go-to email marketing service to their clients if that service now has entered in direct competition with their key offering: making websites?

Walking away


[…] the capability and willingness to walk away and start new forks and new projects and new versions and futures, is what made open source so successful. If we don’t embrace this, if we don’t actively cultivate the plurality of ideas which brought us here, we’ll fall victim corporatization, monopolization, and the creation of monocultures.