Mobile and happiness

Interesting data from the GSM Association (GSMA): According to Gallup’s 2016 World Poll data, almost half of the world’s adult population (48%) has both a mobile phone and internet access, while about one-third (34%) have a mobile but no access to the internet (via computer or mobile device). […] Among the 45 high-income countries included in… Read more Mobile and happiness

WordPress update gap

WordPress 4.9.4 is the first minor release of WordPress in over four years […] where not all users will be receiving an automatic update. This isn’t by choice – a bug went undetected during the 4.9.3 development cycle, and was only discovered hours after 4.9.3’s release. The bug causes a PHP Fatal error to be… Read more WordPress update gap

Building for people

You may have heard about “the next billion internet users”, however, I love how Tal Oppenheimer doesn’t focus on “next”, but includes all people on the internet in general when she talks about “Building for billions on the web”. Here’s a short list extracted from her talk at Google I/O 2016. I’m posting this in… Read more Building for people

Go, speak!

During four years, I had a chance to speak at 10 or more WordCamps, including two speaking appearances at WordCamp Europe. For those who may be wrestling themselves about whether to apply for speaking or not, here’s a gentle reminder to just go, speak.