”I just love those video backgrounds and we need them on our new website.”
No, you don’t.
“They are so engaging and set a friendly mood.”
No, they don’t.
“It’s an amazing new feature and it helps conversion.”
No, it doesn’t. Besides that, the conversation is annoying me. Video backgrounds suck big time. Our good friend Karl Gilis of AGConsult said it perfectly: “Video backgrounds are the new sliders. They’re a distraction.” And just like sliders suck and should be banned from your website, so do video backgrounds.

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(Needless to say, yours truly wholeheartedly agrees!)

Git: a sample exclude file

There are probably more sophisticated ways to handle selective exclusions for git, but this worked for me. Random use case: I wanted to track changes in MU plugins and a child theme, but exclude .gitignore and the entire rest of my local WordPress install.

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