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Team Pages on O2

Petya presented the first team page which runs with the new WordPress theme O2 and is readily available for the German team at ( […]
Sam Sidler (@sam) will post on to explain the purpose of the O2s and provide some other specifics. Polyglots Chat Notes from today

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Software has real-life consequences. We don’t want to do a WordPress update and make a lot of people sleep on their patio.

Matt Mullenweg

What is Support?

Thomas Maier, maker of Advanced Ads, has published an incredibly insightful piece on Smashing Magazine titled ›Lessons Learned From Plugin Support‹.

The whole article is more than worth reading for WordPress plugin providers, as Thomas goes into detail about support for both, free as well as paid plugins, and shares useful tips.

However, this introductory part from right at the top of the article is something every plugin developer should memorize, so perfectly does it sum up what you’re in for when you build a business based on a WordPress plugin:

What Is Support?

The main purpose of support is to help people use and understand a product. Therefore, support is not only an email reply or documentation. It extends to the following:

  • making features self-explanatory,
  • writing understandable labels,
  • fixing issues caused by other plugins,
  • making the user feel like you are ready to help.

Beside helping others use your product, you also benefit from support.

Read the full article Smashing Magazine:
Lessons Learned From Plugin Support